We are working on a new online presence

Please stand by – we currently are working on a new web presence for JADE Austria / Juniorenterprises Austria for you. In The meantime, you might check out the international organization https://juniorenterprises.eu/ or contact us under [email protected].

Contact members of the Executive Board directly:
Alexander Steiner, President, [email protected]
Elisabeth Kollegger, Vice President, [email protected]
Jürgen Dieber, International Manager, [email protected]

Selina vom Hagen, National Manager, [email protected]
Stephan Flattinger, National Manager, [email protected]
Vinzenz Büttner, Advisor, [email protected]
Alena Mohsenyar, Advisor, [email protected]

Mirko Vodegel, IT & Advisory, [email protected]

JADE Austria – Austrian Confederation of Junior Enterprises, Verein zur Förderung der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Unternehmen und Studenten (Junior Enterprises)

Haus der Industrie
Am Heumarkt 12
1030 Wien

ZVR: 004468189